Sarah Glover Enamelware


I’m always on the hunt for great gear to take camping. So, when I couldn’t find top-notch plates, pots and mugs for camping – that still looked the part – I decided to make my own. 

My new gear is made with the highest quality enamel-coated steel. This stuff doesn’t chip or rust, even if you chuck it in the boot of your car a million times (trust me, I’ve tried). It’s durable, fire-safe (up to 850°C!) and designed to last. Throw it in your kit bag and use them over the campfire or to serve up your ‘roo stew for dinner. 

The feature artwork was designed by iconic Mambo artist (and my great mate), Paul McNeil. We’ve been surfing together for over a decade and he gets the Wild vibe, every time. I went with forest green because it’s natural and subtle – a welcome addition to any camper’s kit. 

I hope it brightens your camping experience like it does mine. Choose your gear individually or score them in a pack.

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